1. What if I don’t have camping gear?

      From sleeping tents, living room tents, tables and chairs, lighting, sleeping mattresses, extension cords…all outdoor living-related equipment is available for rental or sale, please go to the “Single Equipment Rental” page for details, or ask a staff member at the campground.

    2. Is there a refrigerator available?

      Yes, refrigerated and freezer refrigerators are provided in the camp (please refer to the location of the park map).

    3. Do you have hot water for bathing? Do I need to bring my own hair dryer?

      Na Sun Na Gu provides a steady supply of hot water 24 hours a day and a large spacious bathroom with separate shower cubicles, each with shower gel and shampoo. Hairdryers are also fixed on the dressing table for campers to use (no hairdryers in the campsite area please).

    4. Are water dispensers provided?

      Water dispensers are available and are provided at the service center located in the campground.

    5. Are there any activities in the campground?

      Currently there are tubing and family river trekking activities available. Please reserve your place via the “Online Activity Reservation System(活動線上預約系統)“.

    6. Do you offer group bookings?

      Yes. We can provide customized services such as family tours, corporate retreats, team building exercises, etc. Depending on the number of people and requirements, you can book the entire venue, or book a half-day session/full-day session. Advance booking required.

    7. Is there a spin dryer available?

      Yes, next to the fridge at the check-in area (outside).

    8. Do you have campsites with rain canopies?

      We do not offer campsites with rain canopies, only pallet campsites and turf campsites are available.

    9. Is it easy to reach the camp?

      The entire road to the camp is open to traffic going both directions, and large vehicles such as tour buses are allowed to enter the camp, and it takes about 1.5 hours to travel from Taipei via the Suhua Highway. You can also take a public shuttle bus from Nan’ao town center. Please check with the Nan’ao Township Office for the shuttle bus schedules, the bus stop is called “Bayang Station”.

    10. How much space does one tent provide?

      A tent is approximately 5 x 8 m in size.

    11. Are ground mats provided?

      We provide 6 ground mats for use per tent. Please use with care and do not take more than 6 ground mats per tent, so that all campers can have access to the mats.

    12. Is the venue available for film production rentals?

      Yes, please call us for more information.

    13. What is the size of the pallet?

      300 x 600 cm

    14. Can pets be allowed in the camp?

      We welcome everyone to camp with furry children and pets. Please take care of them and bring the leashes without affecting other guests. In order to maintain the quality of accommodation for all guests, we do not accept pets in our camping vans or tents. You can bring your own Pet tent or accommodation cage! If you fail to comply with the relevant regulations, we have the right to refuse to move in. Please be considerate and cooperate.