Hands-Free Camping Experience with Na Sun Na Gu Atayal Patterned Tent

Price: NT$5,700; includes the campsite and set-up and pack-up by our staff.

Just pack light and you are ready to experience the beautiful Atayal Patterned Tents designed for Taiwan’s climate and camp among the greeneries of the Na Sun Na Gu valley. All the equipment and facilities are provided and set up by our staff. Look up at the starry sky and the mountains, listen to the chirping of insects and birds, wake at sunrise and rest at sunset. All you need to do is enjoy nature and the outdoor lifestyle where times slows down.

  1. Each set of outdoor equipment includes an Atayal Patterned Tent (4-person tent), woodgrain table, high-backed chairs, ambient lighting, floor mats, moisture-proof ground mats, sleeping mattress, fitted sheet, gas burner and gas canister.
  2. Each tent can sleep up to 4 people.
  3. Please bring your own cutlery and eating utensils (pots, bowls, spoons, chopsticks, etc.), toiletries, and bedding (e.g. sleeping bags, pillows).
  4. The Openeat outdoor feast kit can also be purchased separately to save you the hassle of meal preparation.
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*The Outdoor Base Painted Sky 2D tent package is also available, excluding campsite, at NT$4,600 per day.