• NT$1,500 per tent/day
  • The camp area reservation is directly booked through the online reservation system
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  1. A wide expanse of grasslands through the mountain valley: A wide open space for the entire family to run and play to your heart’s content
  2. 5-Star bathroom facilities with separate shower areas Hot water provided 24 hours a day; shower gel, shampoo, and hair dryers included
  3. The clean and clear Nan-ao South River: Just a 3-minute walk to Nan-ao South River, suitable for the entire family

More Information


  1. NT$1,500 per night for the use of a pallet campsite or turf campsite.
  2. Each vehicle is limited to four people (including living room tent and canopy tent). For one additional person at most, an additional NT$200 will be charged. NT$1,500 for each additional vehicle or additional tent, in the case of multiple vehicles sharing one tent or one vehicle using multiple tents.

Booking the Entire Venue

  1. To book the entire venue, the maximum capacity of Na Sun Na Gu is 32 tents at NT$48,000; with an additional charge of NT$1,500 per extra tent over 32 tents.
  2. Rates for booking out each individual camping area:
    Campground – B: 20 Tents at NT$30,000 (8 pallet campsites + 12 gravel campsites)
    Campground – Forest: 8 Tents NT$12,000 (all gravel campsites)
    Campground – Front Yard Area: 4 Tents NT$6,000 (all turf campsites)

Campground Amenities

  1. Water near the campsites
  2. Electricity near the campsites
  3. Bathroom Facilities 5-star bathroom facilities with separate shower areas, hot water is provided 24 hours a day; shower gel, shampoo, and hairdryers included
  4. Toilets: toilet paper provided
  5. Vehicles: you can park next to your campsite or in the nearby parking lot
  6. Mobile Phone Reception: Chunghwa Telecom offers better reception
  7. Spin dryer: Yes
  8. Shops: beverage vending machines and camping gear rental are available
  9. Fridge and Freezer: Yes

Park Hours

  1. The park is open for admissions from 12:00 noon until 20:00 in the evening on the check-in day. To maintain the quality of camping and safety of the campers, admission will be denied after 20:00 (for those who have booked out a campground, or the entire venue, or need to enter early, please contact us via Line ID: @nsng).
  2. The departure time is before 11:00 on the check-out day, if you have not left after 11:15, there is a cleaning fee of NT$ 500 per accommodation.
  3. If a visitor enters the park for more than one hour, the fee is NT$100 for adults and NT$50 for children (visitors need to leave the campground before 22:00).

How to Get Here

  1. Address: No.2 Jinyang Road, Jinyang Village, Nan’ao Township, Yilan County (Click here to view on Google Maps)
  2. Directions: Take the National Highway 5 to Yilan and drive to the end of the highway. Follow the signs for Hualien and Nan’ao. The road will connect to Provincial Highway 9 (Suhua Highway), and lead to Nan’ao.

Please Note

  1. Campers will be required to park their vehicles in the designated campsite or parking lot.
  2. Electricity is available in the park (please bring your own extension cords). Bathroom facilities with separate showers and a 24-hour hot water supply is provided (the bathroom facilities are for personal hygiene and bathing only, please do not use it for other purposes).
  3. Please only discard trash or cigarette butts in trash cans. Before leaving the park, please sort the trash and place it in the designated trash cans.
  4. Please do not set off fireworks or fire lanterns in the park area.
  5. To maintain the quality of the camping experience, lighting and volume restrictions are implemented from 22:00. We appreciate your cooperation.
  6. You can look at the fish, feed the fish, or play in the water in the ecological ponds, fish ponds, and surrounding rivers around the park, but please be careful of your own safety, and parents must accompany minors.
  7. Please do not take away any of the plants and objects in the park. Please do not pick the fruits and vegetables planted in the park gardens without the permission of the park owner.
  8. Please do not use electrical appliances that consume large amounts of electricity (such as induction cookers, electric heaters, electric kettles, electric blankets, rice cookers, etc.) to avoid tripping the power or burning out the electrical wiring in the park.
  9. To maintain the quality of the camping experience, playing mahjong and using karaoke equipment are prohibited in the park.
  10. If you have visitors, please cooperate with camp management and limit the visit to 1 hour, thank you for your cooperation.
  11. To maintain the quality of the camping space, please do not set up large canopy tents in the park (in order to not affect others). Thank you for your cooperation.
  12. Please raise the fire stand when cooking, boiling water, barbecuing meat, and using the fire stand in general. Do not use the fire stand directly on the wooden campsite and please ensure it is at least 60cm above the ground. If you do not follow the rules and it results in drying out the turf, you will be responsible for compensation according to the area of damage at the end of your stay.
  13. Those who bring pets must put a leash on your pet and manage it independently. If you cannot cooperate or refuse to listen to repeated persuasion, the camp has the right to refuse to stay, thank you.

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