Na Sun Na Gu
Atayal.Mountains.Nature Exploration

Accommodation and 5 Meals – A Journey of Nature and Culture to Experience Mountain Lifestyle Aesthetics

  • Atayal Patterned Tent Hands-Free Camping
  • Atayal Hunter Experience
  • Na Sun Tubing
  • Valley Feast
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  • Total of NT$9,900 for two people (this activity includes tented accommodation, a minimum of two people per group are required per booking).
  • Each tent can sleep up to 4 adults (or 2 adults plus 3 children)
  • To add more people, a charge will be applicable from the third person upwards:NT$3,980 per person over age 12, NT$2,980 per person between age 6 and 11, no charge for children under age 3.

Reminder: This activity requires a minimum of ten tents (groups) to take place. If the booking is not full (less than 10 tents) one week before the activity, the activity will be canceled and rescheduled, or a full refund will be given.


“The most authentic local mountain lifestyle aesthetics, a journey of culture through natural forests.”

Take a deep breath of pure fresh air as you stroll down the Bald Cypress Avenue. Let go of your inhibitions as you play and run freely on the expansive grasslands. Let the cool waters of the river take away your worries and stress. Nature is your playground, your home. “Na Sun Na Gu” means “my home” in the Atayal language. Look up at the starry sky and the mountains, listen to the chirping of insects and birds, wake at sunrise and rest at sunset. Enjoy a lifestyle where nature is your home, this is the way we live. We would like to invite you to experience how to live together with nature, to learn how to relax through this experience and feel fulfilled.

Atayal Patterned Tent Hands-Free Camping

Experience the beautiful Atayal Patterned Tents designed for Taiwan’s climate and camp among the greeneries of the Na Sun Na Gu valley. All the equipment and facilities are provided and set up by our staff, all you need to do is enjoy nature and the outdoor lifestyle where times slows down.

Atayal Hunter Experience

Experience how hunters coexist with nature, make your own Atayal bamboo bows, and receive blessings from the Atayal elders. Walk the trails from a hunter’s perspective, patrol the forest traps, experience traditional Atayal bow and arrow shooting, and enjoy a fun archery competition.

Na Sun Tubing

Experience “drifting down a river in nature”. Let yourself drift along the currents of the river, as if you were a raft guided by the water. Let the water wash away all the worries of your mind, body and soul. You can sit back or lie down and relax. With a full set of safety measures and equipment in place and guided by our professional instructors, let yourself “drift” in to paradise, and enjoy the beauty of Taiwan’s mountains and forests in the most therapeutic way.

Valley Feast

Enjoy a delicious and healthy buffet in the valley, where you don’t have to worry about bringing and cooking your own food. Each meal has over 12 dishes, accompanied by seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as coffee and juice. Each meal is an exquisite and sumptuous feast of the valley.

A Toast to Na Sun Na Gu
For all guests (each group) who participate in Na Sun Na Gu Nature Exploration, we will provide two glasses of draft Na Sun Na Gu brewed beer (maqaw mountain pepper, strawberry) and two bottles of Na Sun Na Gu strawberry sparkling water for free. We would like to give a toast to our friends who come from afar!


Day 1

12:30 Activity experience introduction, tour of the camp, Na Sun afternoon tea
14:00 Atayal Hunter Experience:
Atayal hunting culture sharing
Atayal small bamboo bow-making
Mountain-entering blessing ceremony by the elders
Patrol of hunting trails
Atayal traditional bow and arrow shooting experience
Little Hunter Archery Contest
17:00 Free Time
18:00 Valley Feast – Campfire Dinner
20:00 Na Sun Night Ecological Exploration
21:00 Starry Night Snacks (until 22:00)

Day 2

07:30 Valley Feast: Good Morning Breakfast (meal time until 09:00)
09:30 Na Sun Tubing
12:00 Valley Feast: Returning Lunch Feast
13:00 Return home, free time

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Please Note

  1. Before the activity commences, in the event of heavy rain or typhoon warning, the activity will be canceled or postponed in advance, and an announcement will be made one day before the activity at the latest to protect the safety and rights of the participating guests.
  2. Please bring your own cutlery and eating utensils (pots, bowls, spoons, chopsticks, etc.), toiletries, and bedding (e.g. sleeping bags, pillows). If it is not convenient to bring your own bedding, you can make a reservation with Na Sun Na Gu and we will provide it for you. Or you can purchase an Outdoor Base Cashmere Sleeping Bag (special price NT$600).
  3. The Valley Feast menu is seasonally adjusted to include local seasonal ingredients.
  4. Please read the “Pre-Activity Instructions Handbook” carefully beforehand and follow the instructions as far as possible with regards to recommended clothing and attire, in order to have the most comfortable outdoor experience.
  5. For families with a child under the age of 15, the parent must accompany the child throughout the whole activity experience. All activity experiences are recommended for children at least 6 years of age.
  6. The cost of this activity includes the activity experiences, camping, equipment, meals, insurance, and guided tours by an instructor.
  7. The cost of this activity does not include personal extras, transportation, pillows, duvets, and transportation and meals not listed in the itinerary.